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28 July 2011

Earth Termor: Sedgefield, Southern Cape 26 July 2011 23h30 SAST????

Moira Diamond Sedgefield writes: Around 23h30 26/7/2011 I was woken (my heart pounding!) by a weird loud, throbbing and rumbling sound. I thought it was a vehicle, then the upstairs area of our house started making the oddest noise - a rhythmic thumping and metallic sound. Sounded like something running up and down on the roof. This went on for about half a minute. Thereafter the upstairs timbers creaked (we have a timber house) for a while. My husband and the dogs did not hear a thing. I presumed it was an earth tremor and went back to sleep.

SAWDIS: Anybody else felt a possible earth tremor in the Southern Cape area at 13h30 on the 26 July 2011?