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13 July 2011

Countries must boost their nuclear safety – UN chief

Countries with advanced nuclear energy technology must ensure that nuclear reactors can withstand multiple hazards, said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to the Round Table on Strengthening Preparedness for Nuclear Accidents, held in Geneva in May.

“The tragedy at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has raised questions about the future of nuclear energy and fuelled public fears. Men and women around the world are asking: Are we really doing well and all that we can to safeguard the world’s people in the case of nuclear accidents? Recent events suggest that there are large gaps in how societies and the international system think and act about breaches to nuclear safety,” said Ban Ki-moon.

He encouraged delegates to consider the most effective ways that countries can strengthen cooperation on these issues. “How can we enhance coherence and knowledge-sharing among national, regional and international disaster management plans? How can we better integrate specialised knowledge with broader preparedness and planning? How can we most effectively ensure that public messages are communicated in a credible and authoritative manner?” asked Ki-moon, before referring to specific areas where the UN needed guidance.

To read Ban Ki-moon’s full speech at the round table, click here