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14 February 2010

Update: SAWDIS Lightning Safety Project

Various previous articles refers. (Click HERE to view the article where it all started.) Other articles may be found under the tags, Lightning hits, Lightning kills, Lightning projects.

The SAWDIS Lightning Safety Project is well underway and one more module was completed and tested this week.

As promised here is a photo of the Analog audio level meter or averaging meter.

Image: SAWDIS (Click on image for larger view.)

Theory of Operation:

This unit is a simple audio-amplifier. The gain of the amplifier is controlled by a negative feedback, which in turn is controlled by a 470 ohm resistor and a 5K variable resister. This variable resister (Pot) limits the amount of gain which is ideal to control the amount of current that actually flows. This meter can also be coupled to the Line-Out of your computer to measure your audio output levels of your soundcard. The audio amplifier connects to the lightning monitor and allows the user to monitor the strength of the received signal. This module was tested with excellent results and good analog received signal was measured via the meter. We now have a analog audio level meter or averaging meter for the prototype lightning monitor.

The next module we will be adding is a VU audio level meter unit. It will now be constructed and tested on completion.

- Audio Level Meter by Harry Lythall - SM0VPO

List of modules to be constructed and tested:

1. Lightning monitor/detector unit (Tested 14 January 2010) OK!
2. Audio amplifier (speaker) unit (Tested 6 February 2010) OK!
3. Analog audio level meter or averaging meter (Tested 13 February 2010) OK!
4. VU audio level meter (To be constructed and tested)
5. Alarm Comparator (To be constructed and tested)
6. Lightning flash counter (To be constructed and tested)